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“As if they were real...”

In cooperation with the computer graphics forum Evermotion, the AAndres GmbH initiated a competition in which participants were asked to design 3 D visualizations which included the modular furniture systems “Eileen” and “Frank”. Among other criteria, the jury assessed the renderings' quality level, the use of light in the pieces of artwork, the ideas behind them, the artists' way of presenting the furniture as well as their love of detail.

AAndres could, certainly, have also had photos taken of their existing modular furniture systems – but this is easier said than done. In a villa designed by the zo2studios architects and situated in Belmont-sur-Lausanne, for example, a nine-meters high “Frank Pro” shelf system was installed impressing visitors not only by the product's concrete quality but also by its size. It is quite difficult to convey this impression photographically as it is the building's architecture that makes it nearly im- possible to reflect every detail in a single picture: it is simply impossible to find a suitable selection of the scene. And that is exactly the reason for a virtual illustration making sense in this case. Creators of virtual worlds are asked to create three-dimensional rooms within which the smartly-designed shelf systems “Eileen” and “Frank” can impress the viewer even as two-dimensional pictures.

By a total of 58 participants from 20 countries worldwide, 83 renderings were handed in for this competition – all at such a high level of quality that beside that first three places 10 further pieces of artwork were awarded with a “Honorable Mention”.

The very rare attempt of letting the whole room appear as casual as possible by using only very few accessories and books in the shelf units and on the furniture elements, often creates an atmosphere we know from furniture stores with rather mediocre to bad decorations: somewhat lifeless, dull. The technical quality of the pieces of artwork is closely connected with the effort put in them.

Shelf units filled with hundreds of books showing (since designed true to original) signs of use and dog-ears, with some of the books lying crossways to others and a sketch-pad with a pencil placed in the picture's foreground as if the owner had just left it there, with some post-its sticking on it, make the viewer feel this scenery was real. The installed neon tubes showing signs of wear and tear, loudspeakers and electric cables, supply lines, upholstering on walls and ceiling as well as some computers that seem to not be quite up-to-date/not quite the latest models available any more, digitally complete the real-looking picture – the only detail missing in the room is the dust. But let's not go over the top – if an artist has got the empathy to select topic-related books adulating both the furniture system as such and the manufacturer, this person deserves to win the first prize. Jeffrey Faranial from the Philippines needed about 200 hours to complete this piece of artwork.

Not to exaggerate one’s own love for detail (since it might, otherwise, easily turn into a fascination/an obsession with detail or even narcissism) is one of the main competences needed in this kind of virtuosic virtuality. In a most beautiful, discreetly-lightened historic room the stuccoed walls of which are overloaded with peeling-off paint and with a herringbone-pattern parquet flooring wearing the usual signs of use, the shelf unit is, as a sharp contrast, placed next to a Tugendhat armchair, as if this was the most normal combination one could imagine. Pictures standing on the floor contribute to a room organisation/design that provides the viewer with an enlivened impression of the scenery. But why would a textile panel be there on the floor, winding throughout the whole room? The viewer could get the impression of this panel lying there just to demonstrate the artist's great talent and skills in being able to virtually designing even textile cloth, as such a very difficult task. Here, the slightly corrugated carpet would have been a fully-sufficient proof of this skill. The second prize has been awarded to Viktor Fretyán.

The third prize has been awarded to Egor Goray. In his piece of artwork he proved his skills and proficiency with a virtual design of a natural environment combined with personal accessories: a hat, a bag, an umbrella as well as a cup of coffee which is still steaming suggest a person expected to enter the room soon again.

Other presentations impress with the choice of the environment selected for the productions: If the own furniture is placed in the factory halls of Bauhaus Dessau, i.e. in a scenery suggesting them having been constructed there back then, the manufacturer can be highly pleased. There, certainly, is furniture which seems to be disappearing when being virtually placed in Tadao Ando' impressive concrete castles, and even more in those created by Zaha Hadid. “Frank Pro” furniture, however, manages not only this challenge. When a single piece of furniture, placed like a model in a photo studio, can easily do without accessory parts and amplification, the idea of this presentation will certainly stand out very pleasantly within the fullness of the rooms to live in.

In real life, some of the contributions handed in for the competition would have cost several tens of thousands of euros since “Eileen” and “Frank” are by no means mass products but individually- produced luxury-class furniture having their real price. People considering this price to be too high but who still want to possess “Eileen” and “Frank” are welcome to use Evermotion's services where the whole system can be bought as a data set for 120 euro as well as individual modules from 5 euro onwards - it goes without saying that these options are for virtual use only.

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1st Place: Jeffrey Faranial
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3rd Place: Egor Goray
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Honorable Mentions João Elias
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Honorable Mentions Thomas Hoimyr
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Honorable Mentions Maxim Bordian
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Honorable Mention J Elias AAndres Evermotion Contest, 1000.0 KB
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Honorable Mention T Raposo AAndres Evermotion Contest, 2.0 MB
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Honorable Mention: Arkin Adam Esref
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Honorable Mention: João Elias
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Honorable Mention: Timothy Back
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Honorable Mentions Timothy Back
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